My Berry Bow is an online boutique that specializes in children’s accessories for ages newborn to 12 years. More than just an accessory store, My Berry Bow is a brand that promotes esteem in children by helping them look and feel good. Oftentimes when a child looks good, they feel good. Whether it be a trendy accessory piece to go with their everyday outfit or a daily word of affirmation, we believe that intentional parenting is what cultivates a child’s esteem and unique talents. That is why My Berry Bow exists. We strive to promote self-confidence in children because self-confidence is our favorite accessory!

Our Story

Brittany and Noel are sisters who founded My Berry Bow in 2017. The name pays tribute to their maiden name “Susberry” and their children, Landon, Kaylan, Talia, and Anaya  who love to be decked out in the cutest bowties and hairbows. They created My Berry Bow to establish an accessory line that connected them to their brand by promoting self-esteem, intentional parenting, and could be accessed from parents all across the country.

What makes us unique:

  • My Berry Bow is a brand that promotes self-confidence in children by helping them look and feel good
  • We find accessories that add-to a child’s day to day look
  • We believe in promoting intentional parenting, and the ability to shape our children’s destinies and how they view themselves

Meet the My Berry Bow Sisters 


I am the proud wife and mother of a wonderful husband, a 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter. My motivation for opening an accessory boutique stemmed from the experiences I’ve had with my children and my experiences as a child. My son Landon is obsessed with bow ties and fedora hats and whenever he wears them, he has to look in the mirror and say “I’m one handsome dude.” My 3 year old daughter loves bows, shoes, purses and dressing up in cute outfits. When I put Kaylan in an outfit with a unique accessory she always says, “mommy I feel so pretty, can I show daddy?”  And she has to run down the hall and show her daddy how she looks before she can do anything else. Of course her dad’s heart melts every time.

That smile on my children’s faces warms my heart because not only do they look good, they feels good too. My Berry Bow is a place parents, godparents, aunts and other loved ones can buy specific and memorable items that add a stylish elegance to a child’s look while promoting high-self esteem.

Prior to launching My Berry Bow, I worked as an elementary education teacher for 7 years.  During this time, I strived to teach my students the importance of high self-esteem and self-worth. This motivation came from my experiences as a child as there were times that I struggled with low self-esteem. When I was in middle school, I recall having had a particularly bad week at school. I remember coming home that day and my mom surprised me by taking me shopping. She bought me a white, black and green striped jumpsuit. The feeling I had when I put it on was one I’ll never forget. I went from feeling so bad to feeling great! Studies show that your style reflects and affects your mood, health, and overall confidence.

As parents, we do not always have the time or money to purchase extraordinary outfits for everyday of the week, but we want to keep our kids feeling and looking good. That “little something special” whether it be a vest, pair of shoes, bow, backpack, purse or jewelry can make all the difference and complement a child’s self-esteem. When you look better, you feel better!



Growing up with two older sisters  and as a mom of two young daughters, I know the importance of healthy self-esteem. I also know firsthand how an accessory can instill esteem and create memories for a child that lasts a lifetime. I will never forget the day my dad bought me my shiny red pair of “Dorothy” shoes! At that moment in that store, my dad knew how those shoes would make me feel so special and so loved. And they did just that! I would wear them with every outfit, rain or shine.   

So when my sister asked me if I wanted to partner with her in creating a children’s accessory boutique, my decision was a no brainer. Not only do I love working with my sister, I am obsessed with promoting self-esteem in children and I absolutely love accessories! Why not create a store for parents, like me, who want to be intentional in raising their children and who also love children’s fashion.

My journey to launching My Berry Bow has been an unconventional one, to say the least. In 2015, I left my job as a litigation attorney in my hometown and moved to Ohio after getting married to my amazing husband who plays professionally. In the midst of making plans to take the Ohio bar exam, we found out I was pregnant. This surprising yet amazing life change allowed me to explore my other passions. With My Berry Bow, I am blessed to not only use my skills as a lawyer but it has opened the door to cultivating my other passions, family and children.  

My hope is that our customers will find those accessories at My Berry Bow for the special little ones in their lives and create memories that will last a lifetime.